The Truth Behind Fowler

JK Rowling made the news today when it was unveiled that she wrote an acclaimed detective yarn under an assumed name.

She’s just copying me. Again. My next book, The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School (Simon and Schuster), is written under an alias, Fowler DeWitt.

So, you may  ask: “Fowler DeWitt? How did you think of such a wonderful nom de plume, and what does nom de plume mean?”

Firstly, nom de plume is French for,  ‘I’m named for a plum,” which is embarrassing, so people named plum often use nom de plumes.

Secondly, Fowler and DeWitt are two towns near where I grew up (in Michigan), and while I have never been to either town, together they make a wonderful name. It was between that and Chalmers Wolcott, which may eventually be the name of a character in a book I write, and are not towns near where I grew up.


About Allan Woodrow

I'm an author of children's books and grocery lists ... I live outside Chicago with a house, a yard, a family and very little perspective about any of it.
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2 Responses to The Truth Behind Fowler

  1. Lorijo Metz says:

    Oddly enough, I had planned to use the nom de plume, Laroda Casselman for my next novel, which upon further inspection are the names of two varieties of plums.

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